It Begins NOW!

Hiking Michigan started up in 1998, with 10 members. We now have grown to over 4,000 members. With many requests from people through out the state, and from the S.E.Michigan base, we are expanding our realms to cover the North/Central part of Michigan.

Over this winter we will be organizing things and getting our Parks, maps and web sites in order, to start scheduling Hikes and outdoor activities in over 10 counties that make up North.Central Michigan.

This new branch of HM will also be doing Canoeing, Kayaking, overnight Camping and Backing weekends as well as Hikes and outdoor activities in all the various Parks in the central part of the state.

We are putting things together right now. So if you wish to get on the North/Central email list for Hikes and adventures, or you want to help lead some of these excursions, or you would like to just be a part of the whole thing in some way, drop us an email,

Rob Golda       please indicate that this is for the HM North/Central group.


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