My Best Camp Stove

Been talking with a number of people about various Camping stoves. I have a couple of the latest and greatest, but have not been pleased at all. Various problems from irregular flame, to just plain not hot enough.

Although I do the majority of my Camp cooking over an open campfire, it is still good to always have a stove on hand when Back Packing or Canoe camping. After the recent discussions with friends on my disgust with most of the newer Camp stoves, I dug and dug threw my old gear and pulled out my first Camp stove. Which at this point is 43 years old.

Cleaned it up a bit and fired it up. Now I know why I used it for so long and why it is still the best and the lightest stove out there. The Hank Roberts Mini-Stove.

Check out the Link here, to a great Blog article on this stove. Shows everything about the stove and how well it functions. Nothing fancy, just plain hot, consistent flame. It’s my new stove again.

Check out this Blog for more details:  STOVES DISCUSSED


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