All Levels of Experience

We have been getting many suggestions for activities the new group can do this upcoming summer. Some of the suggestions are very energetic and may not be for all the levels of experience here. So I was thinking that it might be a good idea to do some outdoor beginners classes before we do some of the other activities besides Hiking.

Lets say we wanted to Canoe/Kayak the Pine river. This would be a trip that many people should have a little more knowledge in the boats then just having Canoed for fun on a lake or small stream. To make that activity more enjoyable and safe for everyone, we could do a beginners program before this got scheduled, and anyone attending the Pine river trip, must show their experience or have attended the beginners class.

The same might apply for an overnight Back-Pack trip. A program led by the experienced people in the group, would help the new comer be prepared for an overnight Backpacking trip, and make the weekend experience a safe and good one for all.

Any of you knowledgeable outdoors people, who would like to be a part of some of these programs, intermixed with our regular Hikes and other outdoor activities, please let us know, as we plan for this spring and summer schedules.

We have got some Volunteers for a Mushroom Hunt for experienced people, as well as an Invasive species ID and removal program. These kinds of sharing of outdoor knowledge and experience has done wonders for the S.E.MI. group, and has allowed many beginners become experienced in many different outdoor experiences. I hope we can continue this at a much higher lever with the North/Central group.


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