Looking for Contributors

Since the Hiking North/Central Michigan Group is more about a deeper outdoor experience, as well as Hiking, we wanted to have the Blog reflect this. Writings on Tents, Canoe/Kayak experiences, and Cool places for the Group to visit.

We want to plan some weekend overnighters, and would love some ideas and suggestions along these lines. To best do this, we are opening up this Blog to “Contributors”. What this means is that if you send us a request, and have some outdoor experiences you would like to suggest and tell us about in an article or with pictures, you will be able to make those Postings your self.

If you wish to do this, please drop me an email, to Rob Golda @ Hiking Michigan. We will get you on the Contributors list and you can start making posts of your suggestions for future activities and some of your own outdoor experiences in the North/Central areas of our beautiful state of Michigan. This would also include reviews of Camping equipment, Stoves, Tents, Sleeping Bags, Canoes, Fishing equipment, and so on. Hope to hear from you.


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