Nature is my antidepressant, and if I don’t get a dose at least once a week I turn into an intolerable ogre. My dosage is cyclical as are the seasons. My spring dosage includes mushrooms and a returning array Warblers hopping around on branches with newly opened leaves. In summer the dosage changes again, and must include thunderstorms and warm nights filled with mosquitoes, and long hot days filled with deerflies. In the fall my dose must include deer walking on frosty leaves in the early morning and flocks of geese overhead. Naturally I require a winter with bone chilling starry nights, and SNOW!

I had all but given up on snow, after all it was January and we hadn’t had anything significant so far this winter. I had resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have to come up with outdoor activities that would somehow fill the snow void in my nature dosage. I recently discovered the macro setting on my camera and have since taken a half million close-ups of everything from grass seed to deer poop, all in an attempt to make up for my snow deficiency. (It didn’t help much)

This past week I received a glimmer of hope when I heard that there was snow forecasted. Having been let down in the past by unscrupulous weatherman I played it cool and didn’t get real excited about it. My colleagues at work all spoke of a winter storm, and I continued to play the skeptic.  Fearing let down my contribution to the “snow storm” conversation consisted of “Probably just get another dusting”.

A wet somewhat disappointing spitter- sputter of a snow started on Thursday afternoon and my only thought was “well at least it’s white”. By daybreak Friday morning what started as an unpleasant wet sticky snow had turned into one of the most beautiful snowfalls that I have ever seen. The combination of the wet snow forming the base and falling temperatures throughout the night created a snowscape reminiscent of a Claude Monet painting.

I spent every minute I could this past weekend in the woods taking in a full dose of winter. My camera was truly incapable of capturing the beauty of how things actually looked, but the memories will be etched in my mind for a long time to come. I hope that everyone got the chance to at least enjoy a bit of what this past weekend had to offer. Mark~ 

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