North/Central Group & Plans growing

Just finished with a planning meeting this week, up in Evart. Some excellent discussions on future Hikes and outings. But since the North/Central group is very different then the S.E.MI. group, we are still fumbling around a bit on getting a handle on just what people want to see from the new group.

Hikes of course. We have some nice ones planned for along the Pere Marquette river, in the Nordhouse dunes and down in Sleepy Hollow State park. We are also coordinating a Mushroom Foray with the Michigan Mushroom hunters and talking with some of the local Birding groups to do a combo activity with them.

What we are trying to figure out mostly, is how some of the Canoe, Camping and Backpacking activities will work. We will be needing advanced reservations of commitments on those outings, in order to make proper plans. But we are looking at input from the new members on how some of this can work the best for the majority of people involved. Look for a SURVEY to come out shortly on these subjects. Please give us your feedback, so that we can move more smoothly in creating activities and programs for the North/Central group, that will best serve all of you.

The C & G News papers just did a very nice article on Hiking Michigan’s recent 14th year Anniversary Hike at Stony Creek Metro Park. Brad Bates, the reprter also was kind enough to give the new North/Central group some nice plugs. You can read his article at the link here:   C & G NEWS ARTICLE



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