Moving Forward

We are about to announce our very 1st HIKE for the North/Central group and the start of our 1st HIKES Schedule. Very exciting stuff to have gotten even this far. It has taken more then most of you will know, to organize things that envelope 26 counties in such a large region of our beautiful state of Michigan.But we are hoping it all will be worth the effort.

As the S.E.MI. group grew in membership and activities, certain people stepped to the for-front and Volunteered or just took on certain roles with the Group. Pete became our unofficial “Sweeper” for the Hikes. The Sweeper is the individual who is at the back of the hiking Pack, and does not let anyone behind him. He gets to make the claim that Pete does, and that is…..”We leave NO ONE behind”. This is an invaluable position, and can also be a tough duty. It can also be one of the best duties on a Hike because you many times see more being the last person, then you do being at the head of the Pack, scaring up everything.

Assistant leaders and actual Trail Leaders. If you think a Trail Leader can do it all alone, especially when the Hiking group numbers exceed 25 people and up, the answer is NO. Once there are more then 25 people on a Hike, it gets very difficult in tending to all the people, the different paces that sections of the group will Hike in their pace preferences and the shared Nature info being discussed out on the Trail. And this shared info is what we have done so well here and has been very important for many of the Hikers, out on these Hikes. I still learn something on every Hike, after more then 40 years in the outdoors.

So……be a part of YOUR new group. help out your Hikes to be more fun and successful. Your opinions, suggestions and ideas are all important in making a better Hike for You and your fellow members. Want to Lead or Co-lead a Hike. Tell us. Want to be the Sweeper on the next Hike? Tell us. Have a place or Park you want to visit? Tell us. YOUR Group can use all the help it can get. The more participation from more members, the better the Hike and the Group as a whole. After 14 years with the S.E.MI. group, we have found this to be very, very TRUE.


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