HM NewsLetter Articles requested

Since the Hiking Michigan Outdoor NewsLetter is an open format publication, it means that all our members are invited to write an article or contribute some photography for each issue. We are currently working on the Spring issue, due out the first couple of weeks in May.
Our last two issues got over 15,000 download/reads on-line. We have some pretty good regular writers and photographers, but there is never enough. So we ask you members to contribute as often as you desire. Want a regular column? That is possible as well.
Send in your article or photos and we will get them to be a part of what IS your NewsLetter. Join us. We all are interested in your experiences and outdoor knowledge. Share them with fellow members here with the HM NewsLetter.

For our new North/Central branch, we are doing a certain amount of split-up of the NewsLetter, to reflect the different outdoor experiences and adventures that the people belonging to the N/C Group might have compared to the S.E.MI. members. There is of course, much that is in common with both Groups, but there is also some big differances exploring the N/C regiopns of Michigan and roaming around the S.E. areas of the state.


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