Why do we need another outdoor/Hiking Group?

Why do we need another outdoor/Hiking Group? There are many answers to that question. The biggest reason is to be bale to “Pass the Torch” of outdoor knowledge to others, especially the younger generations. This is a big premise in Scouting. Passing the knowledge from one Scout to the next.

Another big reason to have a new Hiking group like Hiking North/Central Michigan, is to allow an access point for the many people who live all around our beautiful state of Michigan. It is easy to gain contacts with almost any type of Group or Organization on any subject, down in the S.E.MI. areas. But it is not as easy to make these connections when you live in the middle of nowhere (a good thing), or your access to major cities and large groups of people are limited.

Then there is one of the bigger points in my  mind, and that is what Hiking Michigan’s members have created in their S.E.MI. group is something very special. A place where everyone is  excepted as is. No special requirements needed. No competition on who knows more about the outdoors, or who is better at something then someone else. Just an shared love for the outdoor world and Nature that transcends race, creeds and walks of life.

This kind of outdoor activities and Hikes are something that truly allows people to understand what we already do, here at HM. The wonderful things Mom Nature does for our lives. Whether it is just a way to disconnect from our daily routines, take a walk and contemplate important things going on in our lives, study the natural world that connects everything on the planet, or just connect with others who have no other reasons for being outdoors then to grow and be happy.

There are many different outdoor Groups and Organizations out there. But none that I have found, that have that consistent base of sharing with each other, as Hiking Michigan members have. You people have created something for yourselves that needs to be shared with the entire state. It is life changing. It is society changing, and it is just plain good for the soul.

That’s why we need another Outdoor Hiking Group. One that covers most of the state of Michigan and eventually the entire state, including our unique and beautiful Upper Peninsula.


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