Who is Aldo Leopold?

Since Mark Wilson, the director of the new Hiking North/Central Michigan, had just won the Aldo Leopold photography award, I thought it would be nice if I explained just who and what this was.

Aldo Leopold is considered the father of ecology, and is famous for his renowned book, “A Sand County Almanac”. This book is something you will find as a reference in every Nature Center, Research facility and Naturalists library. I spoke with three different Naturalists from Michigan, who without coaxing, named Aldo’s book as their number one choice for starting a personal outdoor research library.

With all of this in proper perspective, we are very proud to have Mark as our director and Trails leader here at Hiking Michigan. His abilities to look very closely at nature and see all that is there, is something Aldo would be proud of too. And probably one of the reasons that Mark’s photo entry was the winning selection.

You can read more on Aldo Leopold at this Link:  ALDO LEOPOLD

You can red more about Mark Wilson and the new Hiking North/Central Michigan group, in the soon to be released HM NewsLetter. It will be on-line this next week.


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