CAR Camping

The HM Car Camping Crew will be at Holly Recreation area this Saturday, 4/14/12, assisting with the Lakeshore Trails work. After the Campfire Lunch following the Trails work, all are invited over to the ORG. Campground for a Car Camping program.

The Crew will have a car set up and packed to go, as well as equipment on the grounds for you to examine. If you have never been Camping before, a Car Camping expedition is a great way to begin. All this means is that you will head up to one of our Michigan state park Campgrounds, pull your loaded car into one of the Campsites, and set up for the weekend.

Pretty simple…….especially if you have some of the tips and tricks we have put together in our INFO sheets here. As well as a CHECK LIST of what to bring along, there are many tips from years of experienced individuals, who have found out the hard way, what are the easy ways to have the most enjoyable Car Camping experience.

So if you get a chance this Saturday, come on out, do a little Trails maintenance, relax afterwards around the Campfire with tons of food available, and then check out the Camping Crew’s Program at the ORG. Campground. We will be doing this Program again, from time to time, so that those of you who have not Camped before, can join us with the new North/Central Hiking group in the northern regions of our state. This would in some cases, require you to Camp some place, over the weekend.

You can download the CAR Camping Info sheets here:  CAR CAMPING


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