HM Spring Newsletter is out

Each issue get harder and harder to get published here. That is because of all the regular columnists and contributive writers that have become a regular part of our NewsLetter. It is so worth the effort getting this all put together and posted on-line. Thank God it is only quarterly. :-)

Each issue is getting better then the one before it. After 14 years and 46 issues, we are hitting our stride. The last two issues got over 15,000 downloads. Pretty amazing for little NewsLetter. But I can see why. The talent that has come here with writing and fantastic photos, along with excellent insight into the natural world has made The Outdoor Newsletter not only informative, but a fun read.

Be sure to read the Bio on the new Hiking North/Central Michigan, and it’s new director Mark Wilson. Also an excellent article by Mark follows the Bio.

So check out the latest issue on the Hiking Michigan web site at the Link provided here:  HIKING MICHIGAN OUTDOOR NEWSLETTER


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