Mark Wilson…..Hiking North/Central Michigan’s new Director

After 14 years in S.E.Michigan leading Hikes and outdoor activities for the residents of the 8 counties here, we are expanding. Just in case you are not aware of this fact…….because of the many requests from across our state we thought it was time to extend Hiking Michigan to other areas of the state. So the Hiking North/Central Michigan branch was created this last winter.

The new branch covers some 26 counties in the Northern and Central regions of the lower peninsula. A vast area. The task at organizing, leading Hikes & Activities, connecting with local Parks and outdoor groups, etc. is a big job and something that just could not be put on the plate of the S.E.MI. branch, so far away from the action.

Step in……Mark Wilson…..Evart resident and a very knowledgeable Outdoorsman. It takes a special person to lead Nature style Hikes and understand not only the natural world around him/her, but to be in connection with their fellow Hikers at the same time. HM could not have gotten more lucky then to have Mark fill those shoes.

In the latest HM NEWSLETTER there is a nice Bio on Mark, as well as a wonderful article he has written about how he feels about the outdoor world. Head over to the HM web site and check it out. It’s a great read.

Link for the latest Hiking Michigan NewsLetter:   HM  OUTDOORS NEWSLETTER

Mark writes most of the Postings here on the North/Central Michigan BLOG, so I hope I have not embarrassed him with this posting, and my blatant respect. 🙂 Robert Golda


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