Only a FEW

Want to make it clear that Mark, the director here at Hiking North/Central Michigan, makes most of the Posts here. This post is being written by me, Rob, over at the S.E.MI. HM group.

We just finished our very first official Hike for the new North/Central Hiking group. People from all over the state turned out for this first Hike. Very impressive! But there was also some concern, on how the new Hiking Group would work. Hiking Michigan has a good model and experience at Hikes down in the S.E.MI. corner of the state, where the trails are more groomed, and the Parks, although beautiful, do not go on for 50 miles.

So how was this first Hike going to go? What would be expected of this Hike, by people who came from Bay City, Lansing, Grand Rapids, Roscommon, Evart and all over the state?

Well……I guess they all wanted, the same things that the S.E.Michigan based group has wanted for the last 14 years. A quality nature experience, shared outdoor knowledge while out on the Trails, a Camaraderie acceptance that allowed strangers to feel comfortable with one another. No matter where you came from, what age you were or what you did or did not know about the outdoors.

Mark provided all of this, as our Trail Leader and guide for this 1st Hike. He did a superior job at leading the group around some unexpected river floodings, as well as had an eye for various Ferns, plants, Flowers and animal tracks, that kepted up all wondering and talking about what we had seen. This is a sign of a great Trail leader!

Not being a boasting type of man, Mark would never walk around telling anyone of his abilities out in the outdoors. So I am here to yell it as loud as I can. If you want to feel secure in the outdoors, learn some things about your surroundings while out on the Trails, and just feel comfortable with all the other Hikers who are with you on your journey, then join us on another Hiking North/Central Michigan Hike, and experience the experience of Trail Leader/Organizer, Mark Wilson.

One special outdoorsman, of the very few out there. A man of many experiences and knowledge, who is comfortable taking care of a group of Hikers and allowing them all to get the experiences they desire, while out in our beautiful Michigan Parks.


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