Moving Forward

With an unbelievable 1st HIKE under our belts for the new North/Central Group, we look for directions to take the group around the 26 counties in the lower peninsula, and give as many people an opportunity to experience the outdoors the way we have for 14 years in S.E.MI., and the way it went with our first HIKE too.

We realize that this is not going to be easy. The logistics are not on our side, and from the 15 different counties and cities that where represented at the first Hike, these logistics will be a problem for the many people interested in participating in future Hikes and Activities.

We are working on a brand new FORUM software for the web site, that we hope will assist our members to arrange Car Pooling and combination stays for upcoming Hikes. A place where we can exchange ideas on Campgrounds in a particular area near a scheduled Hike. Or good Hotel stays nearby. Sharing rides, gas and costs of getting from Grand Rapids to Roscommon to Hike on a Saturday afternoon in a special place there.

We hope you all will be patient with us as we try and get things rolling more smoothly here, so we can also get more regular scheduled Hikes and Activities going. We welcome your suggestions and ideas to better YOUR group here. It will come. A few Hick-ups and slips and we will get it all worked out, and ALL the people of Michigan will be able to experience the natural world on one of our Nature style Hikes, no matter where you live in our beautiful state.

It’s coming…..I promise you. We will not stop until all of you have access to the special outdoor places that make our state the best in Woods & Waters of any of the states in the Union. And to see these places with the special people that make up Hiking Michigan. The people willing to share their outdoor knowledge and information with everyone, in a way that makes ALL Welcome here.     Robert Golda/Mark Wilson and all the staff and members at Hiking Michigan.


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