Nature Integrity

I just started reading Aldo Leopold’s “Sand County Essays”. What a beautiful book! Hard to believe someone stood so strong at a time when defending nature and wilderness was not very popular. Not that it is these days either.

Aldo was doing these things in the 1930s & 40s. When America was building railroads and the Interstate highway systems, and developing everything, everywhere. He stood up and said…..Hey….this is great, but can we preserve some of what we have, the way it is, for the future? Again…..not a very popular thing to say at that time.

Over and over, while I have been reading Aldo’s essays, I think of the integrity of this man, and the courage he possessed to be able to stand up for what was and is right. He represented integrity for Nature. Not an easy thing to do especially when big business and organized groups want to use nature for their own personal gains.

Like today in many places. The natural world is being used to replace a failed industry, or become the new money flow in a particular area of a state. This is terrifying because many people will not see what permanent damage can be caused by what appears to be a local economy boom from using Nature as a base for making money.

If ever we needed the integrity of an Aldo Leopold, it is today. Someone who is willing to stand up and tell everyone that Nature, undisturbed, is worth more to the people and a local economy, then any manipulations of that nature for mostly what ends up being for only a few peoples monetary rewards.

What is even more horrid is that I see more people who want a natural world and natural resources kept healthy and undisturbed at a minimum. Yet a few, well organized, money & power focused people and Organizations steal the moment, manipulate the truth and convince the right people (not the majority) to act on their behalf.

As I read Aldo’s Essays, I wonder how he would deal with such thieving manipulators? Would he start planting even more trees? Would he organize the various Nature Preserves to best look after what we could keep away from these greedy money & power focused people?

Not sure just what Aldo would do. But I do know that he would not just sit there and say nothing.


“There are some who can live without wild things, and some who cannot. These essays are the delights and dilemmas of one who cannot.”  – Aldo Leopold


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