This year, Hiking Michigan is sponsoring the National Trails Day Event at Oakwoods Metro Park/Nature Center, along with the FRIENDS of Oakwoods. The Event is from 9am-3pm and has all types of Outdoor Groups set up with their tents and tables, doing Programs & Activities for the day.

Next year….Hiking Michigan will pick a location in the very center of our state, so that both groups have a chance to attend. Each year we sponsor a National Trails Day Event someplace. Let us know where YOU think would be a good location for next years celebration so the North/Central Group and the Southeastern MI. group can combine forces on a super NTD Event celebration.

This years Event at Oakwoods nature Center promises to be quite a wonderful afternoon. All free for the cost of a Park Pass, which also includes a Campfire Lunch and some amazing Prize drawings. Join us if you can. TRAILS DAY… OUR DAY.

Get a Flyer with more details and a map to the Park and nature Center here:     NATIONAL TRAILS DAY EVENT


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