The Autodidact

I was reading a Post on Facebook this morning, from someone I respect greatly, Mark Wilson, the director at Hiking North/Central Michigan. His post really sent my mind off on quite the excursion. Mark’s post said:

“I finally realized where I failed at being an autodidact; I needed to learn to be a teacher first.”

Donna defined the word autodidact for me as:

“A person who has learned a subject without the benefit of a teacher or formal education; a self-taught person.”

So how could a person like Mark, feel he is not a good Teacher or Leader? This is a man I have the highest levels of respect for and someone who has a vast knowledge of the outdoor world. Does it matter where this knowledge came from?

Very few people have the abilities to not only show others new things, but to give them enthusiasm to want to learn more. A Teacher does not just transfer information to others, they make us think about things, and enthuse us to want more. A Teacher or Leader is not defined by a piece of paper or title, but by ones actions and affect on others we may have.

Mark’s Post really let my mind roam into places it has, never been before. Examining how people look at themselves, and how different people affect the lives of others. I realized that the people who have shown me the most and taught me the most in MY life, where the people with the littlest of formal training and education. I may have studied at College, but my real teachers have been those who had the enthusiasm and experiences to lay in front of me and then nurture me towards understanding them.

There is no failure in life. Just growth. So Thanks for helping me grow, Mark. Please have the patience to continue to do so in your own special ways.     Rob


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