Green Pine Lake Trails PROJECT

I have been working closely with Mark on an idea he had about rescuing a Trails network in the Ausable State Forest that has become almost abandoned. Why? Not sure about the answers to that question, but something can be done.

Mark has been exploring and GPSing this unique and diverse ecosystem for the last few weeks now and passing the coordinates over to me as I layered them on a master map we are building. This section of State Forest connects to a Boy Scout Lost Lake Camp, making the area even more productive and useful for so many different types of people. Mark is in contact with our DNR and the Clare county Parks & Recreation attempting to get both permission and cooperation in doing an overhaul of this entire Trails system while it still exists.

Rebuilding some of the Boardwalks and Bridges along the trails. Clearing back some of the plants that have attempted to reclaim sections of the trails due to the lack of maintenance, and getting a quality mapping system so that all types of people can use this Sate Forest trails system to it’s full extent.

Look for some announcements soon on some upcoming Trails Programs we will be organizing through the Hiking North/Central Michigan and Southeastern Michigan Groups. In the meantime. Take a look at what we have put together as an overview Map of the entire area.



2 thoughts on “Green Pine Lake Trails PROJECT

  1. When something is in place for restoration of the trail system I hope you will be asking for volunteers. I would love to spend some time helping with that project.

  2. Thanks Tammy. We will be organizing a couple of official trips to both Green Pine Lake and the adjoining Scout Camp at Lost Lake next Spring. This will actually be posted on the HIKES Schedule, as well as facebook and here on the Blog. Thanks for the help offer. It should actually be fun at the same time we restore a pretty Cool Trail system

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