Green Pine Lake/Lost Last Camp MAPS

We have been looking at restoring some of the unique Trails that make up the “Green Pine Lake” Trails system. This once was quite the area, with many Boardwalks, bridges and trails that looped you through all types of different environments. Wondering why this State Forest area was just abandoned the way it was.

Well our Group director for the Hiking North/Central Michigan, Mark Wilson, wants to work with the local county there, CLARE, who maintains the Park for our DNR, and see if Hiking Michigan can assist in refurbishing this very Cool Hiking area. So we started by Mapping the whole trails system. This also included the Boy Scout’s Lost Lake Reservation Camp. The two places sit side by side, and in many cases, share some of the Trails there.

The Lost Lake Reservation was once the retreat of Edsel Fords main man, Bennett. In 1964 he sold the reserve to the Boy Scouts, after doing much for renovations and erecting lodges the Scouts use to this day. Lots of history going on here, as well as many unique environments.

So… get this ball rolling….Mark and myself have mapped out the Green Pine Lake Trails. Scout Master Jeff, from Ortonville joined in on mapping and picking apart the Scout Reservation at Lost Lake. Together, these two separate maps, detail out the whole area. We hope this gets CLARE county, the Scouts, and others, to join in on our quest to restore a beautiful natural and historical area of our state.

You can download the GREEN PINE LAKE TRAILS MAP Here:

You can download the Boy Scout’s LOST LAKE RESERVATION Camp Map Here:


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