N.Manitou Island Natural Resources work

Our director for the Hiking North/Central Michigan Group, will be returning from his second trip to North Manitou Island this week. He has spent the last two weeks, on and off, assisting the National Forest staff in maintaing and restoring some of the Trails and Historical buildings on the island.

We are looking forward to many pictures and some tall tales of his experiences there on the Island. We also hope to organize a small group of Volunteers through Hiking Michigan, to return to the Island, next Spring to continue some of the Trails work started this year.

Look for more details on this, when Mark returns shortly.

You can download the most recent Map of the Island Here:


2 thoughts on “N.Manitou Island Natural Resources work

  1. I would love to be part of a volunteer group assisting on North Manitou or South Manitou…will be watching for updates.

    • Great Tammy! Mark returns this weekend and we will be putting the start of something together, that will start in the Spring. Lots to do on the Island, and it will also serve as a wonderful Packing experience as well. We will be making some announcements soon.

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