First Impressions

So…..our illustrious Leader has returned from two separate Natural Resource trips to North Manitou Island. Mark went there to assist the National Park Service in maintaining trails, signage and some of the historical structures located there. Upon his return, he posted a new Facebook Logo picture. A shot of himself on the Trails there.

Well….one of Marks old friends commented that he always knew Mark looked a bit of a “Bad A%#”. I could not resist myself, and commented that Mark looked like an X-Biker. Neither comment was insulting in any way, but got me thinking.

When I first met Mark and seen him from across the room while I approached him…….I DID think he was an X-Biker. He is a big man, and has an outdoor look to himself. As I got closer to Mark, across the room, I was immediately overwhelmed by a deep concern, kindness and caring that permeated through the man’s eyes and smile. I suddenly say a different person then the one I first noticed, from across the room.

Over the last 14 years, and the 10s of thousands of people I have met and Hiked with, around Hiking Michigan, I have come across all types of people. People with purple hair. People with face piercings. People wearing bizarre cloths. Just all types of people, who upon first impressions, may either be scary, odd or maybe even crazy. I have found most of them to be good people, and the hair color and other eccentricities just did not matter.

What I discovered about our North/Central group Leader, Mark, is that……here is a genuine Good man, who works hard, has deep moral values, a beautiful family and genuinely cares deeply about the Outdoors and people. He is someone who will Volunteer his time, share his knowledge and do what needs to be done to make positive things happen. And all for just the goodness in that situation.

So… matter what maybe ones first impression of this man…..”Bad A%#”, X-Biker, or whatever. He stands a Good Man, and what else matters.


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