Neithercut Woodland

I’ve found another little Gem of a trail in central Michigan. This one is again in Clare County on some property owned by Central Michigan University.  The property is known as the Neithercut Woodland. It’s on M115 just a few miles northwest of the US 10 and M-115 interchange. I’ve been looking at the website for a few days and decided to give it a go today. I gave Hal a call to see if he wanted to take a ride out and look things over. Naturally he did (Hal is always up for a hike).


There is a gate across the drive but according to the website the area is open to the public so we parked in the area near the gate that could accommodate a few cars, and there was indeed one other vehicle parked at the gate when we arrived.

We hiked all the trails within the property and we were both very impressed. The trails are all very well marked and easy to follow.  Marshland, hardwoods, and even a prairie planting can be found on this property.

The Neithercut Woodland would make a great little day trip for Birders, or just general Nature lovers. You’ll find a couple picnic tables around the cabin that is just beyond the parking area that would make a great location to pack a lunch into.

Enjoy the slideshow.

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The Neithercut Woodland is just one more hidden treasure in Central Michigan.

Find more information on the Neithercut Woodland here:



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