It’s Always Good There

I wasn’t feeling real good today. Health has been slow and not so good lately. I have become very let down by all the negativity of one of the most important elections of my own lifetime. My Moms own health has been poor, on and off, Had a very painful Doctor visit that seem to last for hours as well.

So I did the one thing I knew would not let me down. I headed for the Forest. Maybe it is the odd consistency there. Nature is not really consistent, but it does have laws, rules and realities that are pretty solid, and what makes it all work. Mom has some strict Rules there. (that’s Mom Nature)

I took a stroll at a very private place, I will not reveal at this time, and plopped my self down on a small hillside, that overlooked a small stream that fed a small Pond. I might as well sat down at the Circus. Endless activities, including clowns. 🙂

Critters of all kinds getting in the last of their heavy work before the first snows. The last of the Pond life burrowing in or re-securring their Dens. Plenty of Critters coming in for drinks of water or a possible meal at this very busy place.

I kinda slid down, half laying down on my back, and mostly disappeared in some low shrubbery. The Knights of Knee would have been proud. It did not take long before I WAS the hillside, and just blended into it all. I placed myself down-wind of the Pond and stream and virtually disappeared into the whole scene.

It did not take long before all was forgotten. My mind had cleared, much of the pain had gone…..or at least no longer had my undivided attention, and my focus was being part of my surroundings. Once again, Mom had come through with something simple as just being Mom.

It is not very often that I head out to the Forest and not get what I am looking for. Even when I do not know what I am looking for. It is all good there. 🙂


2 thoughts on “It’s Always Good There

  1. Once again proof of the healing power of Nature. I’m a firm believer in the concept of a Nature deficit disorder that we can all suffer from. People now day’s readily accept the concept of a Therapy dog, yet struggle with the concept that nature itself having primordial therapeutic qualities.

  2. Thank you for reminding is how nature can heal us on such deep levels. I’m off work today and
    may just go disappear into the woods for some deep relief as well. Blessings, hope to return to
    to the group soon.

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