The NEED for Winter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK… it is not yet officially Winter yet. The Solstice is not until the 21st of December. But we still have not headed deep enough into what should be much lower temperatures and even some snow that sticks to the grounds, by now. There are some people that would say I am talking insane talk here, but we truly NEED Winter here in Michigan.


We have a four season environmental system here in Michigan. Our Plants, Animals, Insects cycle on this system. Our inland Lakes and the Great lakes depend upon the snow and melt to replenish water levels. Our underground Aquifers also depend greatly on these snow melts to continue flowing.

Insects that should either die-off or die-back during continued cold temperatures are not running their normal cycles. This is already starting show itself in increased Summer Ticks, Skeeters and many more destructive insects that are harming our Plants and Trees.

There are many, many reasons we have Winter in this area of the country. The Natural world is a delicate balance of many things that all come together to produce a healthy ecosystem. Our mild to NO Winters recently, are not good things for these delicate balanced systems.

Some people would say that the mild Winters we have been experiencing are great! But the damage it is producing to the entire scheme of things here in Michigan is starting to become deadly. We simply need some real Winters once again. Deep snows, extended colder temperatures and the beauty and healthy environments that go along with normal expected seasons. It is time for snow. So lets bring it on. Just for the health of it.


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