What’s the Difference?

Over the last two years, I have become a STATS watcher. What that means is rather then guess at what I think might be happening on the various Hiking Michigan sites, I started looking very hard at the Statistics provided for each of these Internet locations.

Big Deal, you say, :-)……….Well ,,,,, it has helped to understand just what you all want to see, read about and join in on for future Hikes and Outdoor Activities. I thought I knew alot about what people wanted in the outdoors. But as I followed the Stats, I learned otherwise.

For instance………We have been getting a huge interest in a couple of areas. Birding and Orienteering. Now……I would normally believe these areas to be of interest to many people at Hiking Michigan, but not at the levels that the Stats show. There also appears to be a difference on what the S.E.Michigan based Hiking Group is interested in, and what the North/Central Group wants to see and experience.

S.E.Michigan people want an Orienteering Program to get them better acquainted with Compass reading and finding their way around a Map, while the North/Central people want more of a focus on the GPS unit, for a more precise locator of just where they are at.

I have been studying these Stats alot this Winter and I am hoping they will help with putting together some well planned and interesting Hikes and Outings come Springtime.

Your emails always help too. Then there is also the occasional Survey we put out there. Please take a moment when you see one of these and answer a few questions. No names or detailed info required. Just your opinions and likes & dislikes on Outdoor activities. It all will help in putting some grand Events together in 2013.

Thanks Gang!   See you all out on the Trails Soon. Hopefully that means the Snow Shoe Trails. 🙂   Rob


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