Snow Shoe BASICS

With all of you HM people lending your votes to help our director at Hiking North/Central Michigan, and the city of EVART MI., Parks & Recreation, win the ATLAS Snow Shoe donations, we thought we would produce a new INFO sheet on Snow Shoeing basics. We are very grateful to ATLAS Snow Shoes for their generous donation to EVART. Mark, the head of Parks & Recreation there will be putting the shoes to great use!

There many different kinds and styles of Snow Shoes. Like Hiking Boots, there are more specific shoes for the different types of snow you will encounter. In fact……many regular Snow Shoers will own a couple of different kinds of Snow Shoes to best meet the different types of snow they will deal with.

From the original wooden Snow Shoes that date back almost 6,000 years, to the Modern shoes starting in the 1970s, to the present day Fiber/Composite types of shoes, Snow Shoeing has seen many changes. All have their own purposes and features. We have tried to show you some of the basics for most of the shoes out there today.

Selecting a Snow Shoe is still best done by actually trying out different Snow shoes available. Many Outfitters and Organizations have Classes and Demos that you can participate in to try out the different shoes out there. Your height, weight and shape, all have a bearing on your shoe selection. So does personal preference and the types of snow you will be primarily using your new shoes in.

Take your time, do some research, and try them out. It will all be worth the effort in being prepared and selecting the correct shoes for you. It will also give you the true enjoyment many of us get when out in fresh snow, shoeing in the quite of the forest.

Download the Snow Shoe BASICS info sheets here:



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