I cry for Michigan

Being a lifetime Michigan resident, and generations of my family living working and raising their families here, I have had very deep roots and pride in our state. That pride has never been connected to the Auto industry though. I was taught early on, that these where the man-made things in Michigan, and that our state had so much more to be proud of and connected too.

So even as a small child I was connected to the Lands and Waterways that IS Michigan. All of our Lakes, Streams, Rivers, vast land tracts, wildlife and many diverse ecosystems where like no other place in the world.

Growing up in the largest fresh water ecosystem in the world provides us Michiganders with so many wonders that for some they are just usable “THINGS”, and there is no direct connection to our natural worlds here. This is not what my parents and grandparents taught me.

From a very early age we where shown that what defined our beautiful state with all the unique diversity, was just how it all interconnected with one another. How we needed healthy Trees to provide food and cover for critters, and how those critters living under the Trees provided ecosystems that the birds and insects thrived on. It all is just so deeply connected.

Yet……there are now people in charge of these things who do not understand this. They think these delicately balanced environments, that depend on so many different life forms interconnecting with one another, is what truly makes a healthy Natural environment.

NO….they almost believe themselves to be God. THEY can create these environments. THEY can control how it all works. THEY see no reason to nurture these delicate systems and help them by eradicating Invasive Species and the destructive people who belive that our Natural Resources in Michigan are just there for their personal Recreational FUN.

What is the worst of all, is that the one main state agency that is assigned to protecting and assisting these many diverse ecosystems and delicate interconnects are no focused on using them for money. That is their focus. Not the health of these environments, but how can they be used for economical gains. These are suppose to be educated people in charge of our DNR, yet they do not understand the very simple fact that a Healthy Natural Resources based ecosystems, will provide our Recreation for EVERYONE in our state. Not a hard concept to understand, unless “CONTROL” is your focus.

But they are nothing but an embarrassment to the entire state. Led by Ron Olsen the head of Parks & Recreation, the DNRs main focus is on amusement rides, Thrilling outdoor adventures, Eco-tourism and their inane beliefs that they have the ability to control, rebuild what they destroy and even build new entire environments. What audacity!!!!!!!!! Their actions are not just an embarrassment to all the people of Michigan, but their incompetence borders on criminal.

I cry for my state of Michigan. Especially for what has taken place these last two years under the guise of the people supporting a Healthy Natural Resources, and then being duped by the DNR into much of our support PASSPORT money and focus, going into Adventure Sports, Thrill Recreation and endless useless Linear Bike Pathways.

Mr. Olsen,,,,,You should be ashamed of yourself. We are ashamed of you. Just because you surround yourself with yes men who fear you and worry about their jobs if they do not go along with this insane programs, does not mean you are doing anything of honor for our state. My guess is……You are not even a true Michigander. How could you be and do what you have been doing?


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