Why so Different Now?

I have lived my entire life in Michigan. I am third generation Michigander and very proud of that fact. I have always felt very connected to my state. Mostly through the outdoors. The Lands, Waterways, Parks, Rivers and Lakes. Since a child, these are the things I have always thought of when I thought of my state.

But recently. OH…..maybe the last 5-6 years now, I have seen a huge change in how the people in power in Michigan view my state. They think all of the things that have defined Michigan, are for sale in some way. They do not seem to understand the delicate interconnections there are between the Land and Waterways…..between the wildlife and the Trees. They just seem to think that you can sell all the Trees and it does not affect anything else. Or you can drain the fresh waters and it does not affect anything else. I do not understand this thinking. And apparently these interconnections are not understood by our Representatives.

I write this Blog on our North/Central groups site, because I feel that the people living outside of the more populated Southeastern Michigan regions understand this at a deeper level. Now do not be insulted S.E.Michigan people. Many of you know exactly what I am saying here too. I just have seen that most people outside of S.E.Michigan actually live the connections I have mentioned above.

These are not Political things I speak of here. Although some of the issues and reasons why they are happening may have political connections somewhere, that is not their primary beginnings. Money seems to be the starting points on much of these things. But how can anyone think that we can sell our beauty, our Fresh Waters and abundant wildlife in Michigan and not pay a very dear price at some point in time?

I know this may sound naive, but I just do not understand these things. For me, Michigan is my Home, and I could never divide up pieces of my Home and sell them or abandon them for anything. money, Career, or anything. Like the BILL SB 78 that is running through Lansing at this moment. If this Legislation passes through Lansing it will remove Biodiversity and it’s protection in Michigan. Without Biodiversity, we will be left with Zebra Muscles and Asian Carp in our Lakes, and a slew of about dozen Invasive Species being the dominant plants through out our state’s lands. Then what?

There is almost no returning from that. Yet these Senators and their backers push these things through Lansing, for money today, and Nothing tomorrow. They want to sell my Home. Our Home. I thought we had hired professionals and pay them to watch over at least our communal State Lands & Waterways through OUR Department of Natural Resources. Yet OUR state agency has not only failed us but in many case they are in connections with these senators and criminal businesses and Non Profit groups who want to sell pieces of our Home with no regard to what will happen to what is left after they get done with their little piece of controlling things for THEIR little groups.

The majority of us true Michiganders are left with their scraps. Trying to fix what they have destroyed in the name of THEIR little Non Profit group or Company. Again….while the people from our DNR just sit and watch or help them do these things. I can hardly believe some of the things I have witnessed over the last two years or so. I would never have believed these kinds of things could ever happen in Michigan or by our DNR if you asked me 10 years ago. But here they are. A DNR who’s main focus is controlling our Outdoor recreational experiences. Are you Kidding me? I can select what I want to do on my Lands & waterways, and we all expect YOU, our DNR to do the jobs you where hired to do. Watch over the health and well being of our states Natural resources. Get your faces out of our Outdoor Recreational experiences and selections. And forget about sponsoring state Ice creams too. Stupid.

All I can say anymore is……..Help save our Home here in Michigan. Stop our own DNR from destroying it all. Stop these Non Profit groups in connection with our DNR from destroying whatever they want to, just to get a new BIKE Pathway or Recreational activity that is the rage at this time. Ask our DNR why Invasive Species rule our Lands & Waterways while they spend our PASSPORT money on Programs like, “CONQUERING RECREATION 101”, or millions of our dollars given to groups and communities to further build more BIKE Pathways around our state while neglecting Biodiversity and the protection of our Forests and Lakes.

Sometimes one must stand up and protect their Home from intruders. That time has come for us true Michiganders, before it is all taken away, sold down the road or crippled to the point of not repairable. We now must watch things much closer. Do not believe what you hear from these people. The DNR, Non Profit Groups connected at the hip with our DNR, or any of these so called “STAKEHOLDERS” the DNR likes to refer to the people that back THEIR plans in OUR HOME state. Investigate what they are telling us, because most of the time, it is not the truth. Do not let our Home go away on simple lies from simple minded thieves. Their goals are that of money…..Careers….Power and Control. They do not care about our HOME…..MICHIGAN!


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