Unique Opportunities Coming

Our director for the North/Central Hiking Michigan group has been a very busy man this last Winter. Mark Wilson has become the head of EVART Parks & Recreation, contributing his outdoor knowledge and talents to his community in many ways. Starting with the development of a number of new Park Trails, a Snow Shoeing group, and a number of programs that keep the Parks & Rec. appeal for all ages and different types of individuals.

Well……he has put together something for April 27th that will not only be an interesting experience for many people, but will do something that will affect so many others, for years to come. Mark and associate Hal have managed to put together, along with CLARE county and the DNR, the start of the restoration of the abandon Trails system out at Green Pine Lake, in the Ausable State Forest area, Clare County, Michigan.

This area, NorthEast of the city of EVART, was originally developed by local Scouts from Trails creations, to Boardwalks , Bridges and Signage. It was beautiful in it’s heyday. But it now stands in ill repair. But it was not to late to save this beautiful area. So that is just what has been organized.

On April 27th, Phase 1 begins with Trails trimming and some Signage repainting. There will also be some further GPSing of the trails and area, for a final new Map of the entire Trails system there. Which means that everyone participating in this 1st Phase of work will get experience at Trails restorations, Trails building, Trails Maintenance, Area surveying and analysis, and the logging of specific work and maintenance to be performed. A planning scheme for the complete restoration of an entire Trails system area. Great Fun and experience for anyone interested in just how it all works……the Trails we hike and just take for granted on how there are just there for us.

I have just wrote this little tease because I just could not help myself with the excitement of what was going to start to take place at what could have been a wonderful Trails network, so abandoned that it would soon be un-restorable. So……in the nick of time, three groups will come together and make what once was an Eagle Scouts mission, continue to be a reality. Hiking Michigan North/Central, CLARE County Parks & Rec. and our State DNR, all working together for the best interest of all the people. Does’nt get much better then that.

Look for more details and a full write up on all the Plans coming in Phases, for the Green Pine Lake Trails. This area adjoins the famous “Lost Lake Scouting Camp” area. One of the most beautiful an extensive Scouting Camp in Michigan. We will have more details shortly. I just couldn’t wait. 🙂




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