Car Camping

With the big resurgence in Camping here in Michigan, many people are getting out to the Parks and doing just that. Camping also makes for a less expensive and more enjoyable Vacation as well. When was the last time you headed up north, set up Camp and enjoyed the beautiful places that are just everywhere in Michigan?

Camping does not have to always be a small Tent in the middle of nowhere. Many people do what I call….CAR CAMPING. pack that car up in the right way, get a larger Tent that is roomy and very comfortable, and even set it up at a Campground that may have all the amenities you would like to see. Hot water showers, Flush toilets, Running water and all those little things that will make your Car Camping experience something very rewarding.

Rather then a local Motel, setting up that tent, near the shoreline of a beautiful Lake or Pond, and establishing your base Camp, will allow you to explore right from your Camp site. Walk 100 yards and Fish. Hike right from your Camp site. A Campfire anytime you want one. Just a few of the benefits you get from Camping.

Mark and I put together a few sheets of what we thought where the basics to packing up the car and getting a Camp site at the right Campground for the weekend. You will of course add to the lists we have created here. But we think we have covered the basic needs of almost anyone who wanted to do a Car Camping weekend.

Car Camping is a GREAT way to see Michigan. It is much less expensive then Motels, and it gets you right there, into the beautiful spots you went to see to begin with. No need to leave the Motel or Bed & Breakfast to head out to that Lake or Trails. It is right there just off your Camp site. Done correctly, you will not even have to drive to many of the things you came to experience. You can get to them right from your Camp site.











You can download the CAR CAMPING info sheets here. Get out and see our beautiful state of Michigan. Do it in a very personal and up close way, by Car Camping. You will not regret it. There are so many different kinds of Campground around our state. Some have every amenity you could ever need, and others are more Rustic. Choose what best fits you and or your Family, and GO GET OUTDOORS in Michigan.



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