About Hiking Michigan

HIKING MICHIGAN is an outdoor organization with over 5,000 members. We started out in 1998 and have developed into a regular Hiking Group who schedules hikes and activities regularly, year round. Everything we do here is FREE to everyone. All people are welcome here. No experience is needed. We are not out to conquer anything…..instead…..we visit the local parks to explore the natural environments while enjoying the camaraderie of like minded outdoor people. There are no reservations needed to attend the Hikes, just show up at the meeting place for that particular activity, and join in.

We post our Hikes & Outdoor activities schedule on our web site and Bulletin Board. You can also get on our email list to be reminded about each of our Hikes. There is no soliciting here at H.M., so you will never get anything from us except Hike and Outdoor activity notices. We also have a Blog & Facebook page where our Hike schedules are posted and there are various discussions on many outdoor subjects.

Hiking Michigan’s motto isOUTDOORS FOR EVERYONE. And that is exactly what it is here. Our membership ranges from our youngest member of 2 years old to our oldest member of 84 years old, and everything in between. Families are welcome, and on many of our Hikes, your Doggie friends are welcome as well. The group has grown to over 5,000 members as of 2012, in the Southeastern Michigan area alone. That is 8 counties that comprise this region of our state. As of 2012 we have expanded into the 26 counties that make up the North/Central region of Michigan, and hope to be scheduling a Hike near you soon. No matter where you may live in the lower peninsula.

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