Have a Great Summer…..Mark

Mark-and-CameraThe director at Hiking North/Central Michigan, and the director of Parks & Recreation in his home town of Evart, Michigan, Mark Wilson, will be heading to Seney Wildlife Refuge for the summer. Cannot even imagine what he will learn and experience there over the next 3 months.

We are hoping Mark has some time to Post in on his experiences there at Seney. The Refuge is a very special place, and a Park that Everyone should visit at some point in their lives. It is one of those places that one visit just does not cover what is there to see.

MarkPaintingWe hope to continue what Mark has started at the Green Pine Lake Trails Restorations, while he is gone. removing the destructive Beaver there would go a long ways in continuing the process of restoring the entire Trails system there, and start on Trails signage and the rebuilding of the many Boardwalks and bridges in the Park.

But most of all……we all hope Mark has a very MarkFishinlearned time on his trip to Seney. The knowledge available there for his studies is just endless. And the possibilities of Photos beyond the norm is always present in this vast Refuge. We all hope you have a safe time there, Mark. And you share your new knowledge with all of us. The best of Luck to you, and the very best of enjoyable times to you as well. 馃檪 See you when you return. I feel a BOOK coming in the near future. 馃檪 聽 聽 聽 Rob


City of CLARE recognizes Green Pine Lake Trails Restorations

In a wonderful newspaper article, the city of Clare, Michigan, recognized and complimented the efforts of all the Volunteers who came out to help Restore the Boy Scouts created Trails at Green Pine Lake. Ausable State Forest area. After many years of abandonment, the extensive Trails, Boardwalks, Bridges and Map posts had fallen into disrepair, making much of the area un-navicable.




Mark Wilson, our director here at Hiking North/Central Michigan, started this project with a number of GPS hikes to get an idea of just where the last of the Trails existed. He was assisted by a number of people, including Scout Master Jeff from Ortonville. This allowed a good Map to be created to start the ball rolling.

Mark got together with the Friends of Clare county and organized a Trails Restoration on Saturday, 4/21/13. The Groups who turned out worked very hard and some even stayed overnight at the Mud Lake Campground to continue the work the following day.

A big stop for the Group was a local Beaver who decided he needed to Dam up one of the creeks and flood out an entire section of the Trail. The DNR will be removing the Beaver so further work can continue, and the whole project can be finished up this summer. Look for the next weekend scheduled Trails Restorations coming soon. This one will be scheduled for the entire weekend, with free Camping supplied by the DNR at Mud Lake Campground nearby.



CAR Outdoor KIT

CARKitIf you are an Outdoors person of any sort, then having an Outdoors Car Kit is something you either have already or are contemplating. Every person who heads out to our Michigan Forests and Parks, in any season, should have a Car Kit of needed outdoor items.

To many times we jump into the car, with not alot of time, and rush on over to our favorite Hiking place. We get there and then realize we have forgotten something. It may not be a huge item we have forgotten, but it can be the difference between a quick fun Hike, Bird watching ventures or Mushroom hunt, and a bad time.

You forgot Insect repellent. Not a good thing. You did not bring any water with you. Not deadly, but the difference between an enjoyable time and one focused on thirst. All these little things can make a big difference in our Outdoor experiences.


Packing a set of items for every season, and keeping them in the Car at all times, eliminates so many small problems that can turn into big ones. These essentials for almost any Outdoors venture, should be stored in the car, in a waterproof container. Keeping moisture and severe temperature changes, away from your Car Outdoor KIT, will allow these items to last indefinitely for you. You may not even use them over a year period. BUT……they are always there for those times you have forgotten something. Or your Outdoors partner has forgotten something.

When your Hiking buddy is having a bad time….YOU most likely will be 602574_10151964412180298_1455404885_nexperiencing some of that pain as well. So being prepared is a good thing, all the way around.

Take a look at the List we have created here. They are the essentials. BUT…..there are of course, your personal needs of things that YOU require to have the best, safe and funnest time in the Outdoors. I cannot tell you how important something so simple like this stashed Car Outdoors KIT can be. That very first time you use something from your hidden Car KIT, will pay for the time it took for you to put it together. I do not think that any will disagree with the fact that on many trips out to the Parks, we forget something. And it usually is that item that has the most effect on our relaxing and enjoyment of the Outdoors.

You can download the CAR OUTDOORS KIT here. You may also be interested in a set of sheets we put together last year on CAR CAMPING NEEDS. It is similar in the same way as the CAR OUTDOORS KIT has all those things you need to not get caught without something. The CAR CAMPING sheets do the same thing. We list out the basic needs for a CAR Camping weekend and those things that are a must for a quality time camping from your Car. You will notice that some of the items for the Car Camping lists are the same as what is on the Car Outdoors KIT. It is OK to have two of anything while Camping. So do not be concerned about repeats.

0_foodandedibles_suckers_-_candy_-_pops_tootsie_-_pop_lgIf you want to reward yourself for packing properly and BEING PREPARED, you can add these to your Car Outdoor KIT. They last forever in a sealed plastic bag. 馃檪

North Country Trail events

Greetings HSS Friends and Members,

Upcoming Events:

May 11th–Soldier Lake Hike
May 16th–HSS Meeting–Rudyard–Pizza and Hiking tales!
June 1st–Hike Between the Falls on the NCT—-Tahquamenon Falls State Park
June 8th–USFS–Great Outdoors Day– the NCT in the Hiawatha National Forest
June 20th–HSS Meeting–Rudyard–Pizza, Hiking Tales,聽and Presentation
June 22nd–Pig Roast at the USFS office–Explore the new trails!
Do check Hiawatha Shore-to-Shore Facebook Page!聽 Do Like, Comment, and Share!
Soldier Lake Hike–May 11th
Ramble north on the North Country National Scenic Trail–Exercise–Mental Break–Enjoy the great Northwoods!
Saturday May 11th 10:00 AM at the Soldier Lake Trail Crossing H-40 (west of the Campground gate)
Bring family, friends,water and a camera–Wear sturdy foot gear–Insect repellent–as a precaution
Snack provided by HSS Goodie Bucket
Contact Stan or Kay聽kay1940@lighthouse.net聽or 989-350-2826
For a聽map聽see Map 2 of聽our brochure at聽www.NorthCountryTrail.org/hss
HSS Meeting and Pizza Buffet–May 16th
6:30 PM at Pure Country in Rudyard
Join your hiking pals, enjoy pizza,聽and share some hiking tales.聽聽Discover where to hike on the NCT!
Stan or Kay at 989-350-2826 or聽kay1940@lighthouse.net
“Hike Tween Da Falls” June 1st
Lower Falls Parking Area–Tahquamenon Falls State Park–Shuttles聽to Upper Falls聽from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
聽Tramp the banks of the Tahquamenon River from the Upper Falls to the Lower Falls, Displays, Children’s Activities
Sturdy foot gear and water a must!聽 Moderate Hiking–stairs and rustic tread
Wrap your day with lunch or dinner at the Tahquamenon Pub and Brewery!
Contact: Stan or Kay at 989-350–2816 or聽kay1940@lighthouse.net
Watch for more hiking and volunteer news in the near future.

Green Pine LK.Restorations Reviewed

GroupAnother job well done Gang. It’s great when people can get together and save something worth saving. Those Trails out at Green Pine Lake are worth saving. The Scouts thought it was worth their time in constructing all those bridges and Boardwalks, many years ago. It is worth making sure they stay around as long as possible. Even if the local Beaver has other ideas.

Mark sent me a short review of the weekend, so here we go……..


All: 聽 聽Just a quick update on the trail restoration day.

First of all, thank you to all involved for all the support.

聽After some great coffee and rolls provided by the Clare County Friends group, and a quick safety briefing Saturday morning we headed out on the trail with 16 people. We split into two groups and headed in different directions on the loops with plans to meet up at Green Pine Lake for lunch. 聽We had beautiful and comfortable weather, and more importantly we had no injuries. The two groups got back together at Green Pine Lake for lunch, shared the mornings progress and planed the afternoons activities. It was nice to see a Loon on Green Pine Lake during lunch and apparently the group that took the west leg of the loop saw a coyote up close and personal. 聽On the large loop we found that the beavers have been very active this spring and have completely closed a section of the large loop. I had one party from Hiking Michigan that stayed at the Mud Lake Campground they wanted to work today as well, so my daughter and I joined them to work on the Mud Lake connector trail today.

Please note all the work that was accomplished over the last 3 days.

路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 The small loop off the M-115 parking lot is re-blazed and all of the brushy areas have been cleared.

路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 The large loop excluding small section in the beaver dam area has been re-blazed. (Thank you to Rich and Chris from the DNR for marking a good portion of the large loop last fall.)

路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 Several areas that were significantly overgrown on the large loop have also been cleared.

路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 The small nature trail loop at Mud Lake has been cleared and re-blazed.

路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 The connector trail to Mud Lake is re-blazed except for a small section that is near the intersection of Cook and Adams roads. (I鈥檒l plan on taking care of that when I get more paint) 聽

It was nice to meet a group of hikers on the connector trail today as I was out burning up the last couple cans of paint.

I have asked the Hiking Michigan folks to post all their photos here. https://www.facebook.com/#!/media/set/?set=a.401732259924911.1073741827.149820138449459&type=1








To keep places like Green Pine Lake, a place that many people will be able to enjoy for many years to come, it takes constant work and attention. Than You Rosie, Larry, Peggy, Lani, Kim, Hal, Jane, Rich, Chris, Mark, Dylan and all the others I missed here. (Mark will fill in those names later) (We are not big on full last names in the various Trails & Volunteer work we do here at Hiking Michigan) THE PROJECT IS THE REWARD! 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽聽Rob – HIKING MICHIGAN 聽


Here are some items that we need to consider for the next project weekend.聽

路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 Address the Beaver Dam issue on the large loop

路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 Replace broken boards and railings on bridges and boardwalks

路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 There was some logging done within the last year that has affected the Mud Lake connector trail in a couple areas that need some significant clean up done. (The trail is however still well marked and usable at this time.)

路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 Get the wooden signs back up at the trailheads and intersections.

路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 Explore adding one more bridge over a small stream on the Mud Lake connector trail

I think the trail has a lot of potential for summer use this coming summer. The small loop off M-115 offers a nice little day hike that is now well defined. The short Nature Trail loop at Mud Lake offers the same. For people looking for a bigger challenge, to hike from the lot on 115 to Mud Lake via the east leg of the large loop and the Mud Lake connector would be a very challenging hike, but one that can be done now on a well marked trail. 聽I鈥檓 personally very satisfied with the accomplishments of this weekend.

Thanks again to all!

Happy Trails,

Mark Wilson


North/Central Branch

8175 23 Mile Road

Evart MI 49631


Cell: 231-250-2071


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THANK YOU AGAIN……to all you hard workers who donated your time and money to make this first Trails Restoration at Green Pine Lake happen. I have said this hundreds of time before…..Michigan has the very best Volunteers ANYWHERE. They give so much for ALL the people of our beautiful state!

Thanks for all the pictures too. 馃檪 I collected them from all over Facebook and the NET and put as many as I could find, right here in the Slideshow. Very Cool to see what all of you did and accomplished.

4/27/13 Trails project UPDATE

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to provide a bit of an update for the trails restoration project scheduled for April 27th

Hal and I were out on the larger 5 mile loop marking trail and we found that Beavers are once again active in the Beaver pond. In addition to that the amount of rain we have been getting along with what is forecasted for the next few days may make that area a little too wet to work in, but we鈥檒l keep an eye on it. With that said, there are still plenty of areas that we will be able to get work done in that are good and dry.

We will still be meeting in the Parking area just northwest of the intersection of M115 and Lake Station Ave. We do have at least a couple people that will be staying at the Mud Lake State Forest Campground and also some staying overnight in Evart. I鈥檒l give these words of advice to everyone.聽Please don鈥檛聽cut across country from the Evart area on any of the back roads to the parking area on M115. Use US 10 to Lake Station Ave., then North to M115. Turn left on M115 and the parking area will be just a few hundred feet on the South side of the road. The back roads are in very bad condition right now and it is very slow going on the dirt roads so try to stick to the paved roads. The dirt road into Mud Lake has plenty of pot holes but we got in just fine.

Remember a good set of gloves and pruning shears if you have a set. Bring plenty of water and a lunch for on the trail.

Mark Wilson

4/27/13 TRAILS Restoration Project

Many people know of the infamous Scout Camp at Lost Lake, in Clare county. But adjoining this Camp is a State Forest area, where Eagle Scouts had built an extensive set of Trails, Bridges and Boardwalks through many different ecosystems. Without proper funds, these Trails have fallen into disrepair.

GroupWell…..Hiking North/Central Michigan, Clare County and our DNR have joined forces to restore these wonderful Trails at Green Pine Lake. We are starting this project with some simple clearing of overhanging branches and foliage. While we are doing this first Phase in restoration, we will also be noting details for future work on the bridges and Boardwalks and also updating a detailed Map we have started of the area.

This project will take a number of gatherings to finish, but the end results will be a restored Trails system that will serve many people visiting the area.





Everyone attending the Trails Restoration Project will receive a detailed colored Map of the Green Pine Lake area and Trails. Water will also be available for everyone, along with some snacks. Participants should bring some good boots, Work Gloves and their favorite hand Clippers. Additional snacks for out on the Trails is also recommended.

After the days Work, those interested are invited over to Mud Lake Campground, where a nice Campfire will be waiting, along with some Hot Dogs and other Campfire treats.

There is a group of Hikers coming up from the S.E.MI. Hiking Michigan group, to join in with the Trails restorations. Some of us are staying at the local Hotels in the area. Mark Wilson has recommended the Grand Hotel in downtown Evart, MI. Evart is only a short distance from the Green Pine Lake Forest area, and in-between there and the Campfire at Big Mud Lake Campgrounds. A good central location to stay the weekend. There are also other facilities in Big Rapids and Clare nearby.


You can contact Mark Wilson at the Evart Parks & Recreation at: 231-250-2071, or by email at: Mark@hikingmichigan.com.

You can also get further info at the Friends of Clare County, at the Link provided here: 聽http://www.clarecountyrecreation.org/events.htm

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