Have a Great Summer…..Mark

Mark-and-CameraThe director at Hiking North/Central Michigan, and the director of Parks & Recreation in his home town of Evart, Michigan, Mark Wilson, will be heading to Seney Wildlife Refuge for the summer. Cannot even imagine what he will learn and experience there over the next 3 months.

We are hoping Mark has some time to Post in on his experiences there at Seney. The Refuge is a very special place, and a Park that Everyone should visit at some point in their lives. It is one of those places that one visit just does not cover what is there to see.

MarkPaintingWe hope to continue what Mark has started at the Green Pine Lake Trails Restorations, while he is gone. removing the destructive Beaver there would go a long ways in continuing the process of restoring the entire Trails system there, and start on Trails signage and the rebuilding of the many Boardwalks and bridges in the Park.

But most of all……we all hope Mark has a very MarkFishinlearned time on his trip to Seney. The knowledge available there for his studies is just endless. And the possibilities of Photos beyond the norm is always present in this vast Refuge. We all hope you have a safe time there, Mark. And you share your new knowledge with all of us. The best of Luck to you, and the very best of enjoyable times to you as well. 🙂 See you when you return. I feel a BOOK coming in the near future. 🙂       Rob